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About the Spirit Skies Team


The CCA Envision Conservatory for the Humanities (ECH) Hummingbird Project will culminate in a four-part graphic novel, following the adventures of four separate children located in the Earth’s four biomes. The stories will teach each child about the environment, culture, and history of their region through the eyes of a hummingbird. Hummingbirds connect to culture, mythology, history, biology, physics, and many other subjects. The project aims to inspire students to look further into environmental conservation and maintaining good relationships with Mother Nature and her creatures. This interactive website allows readers to connect with such in-depth information.
The first installment of the series is located in the desert biome suffering from a drought, similar to the recent San Diego climate. It follows a young Kumeyaay Indian named Jasper, who, along with his fellow townspeople, lacks appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature. During the course of the story, he finds a talisman (or magical necklace) and is transformed into a hummingbird. The child’s journey as a bird provides a new perspective on nature as he bands with animals and humans alike to free the town from a magical punishment. By doing so, the humans gain environmental awareness and learn the important lesson of water conservation.
In sync with the message of the book, the Envision Conservatory for the Humanities has teamed with Friends of Balboa Park as participants in the Adopt-A-Plot Program. The program is sponsored by the City of San Diego’s Park & Recreation Department for the 2015 Centennial Celebration. ECH students have designed and maintained their plot, coinciding with the ethics component of the Conservatory. These projects will help ensure the preservation of the Park’s rich horticultural heritage and create new habitats for hummingbirds and other species.
Once completed, the project will take flight to hospitals, schools, and other centers around the world. As a learning tool, the graphic novels are able to connect people of all ages to nature no matter where they are.
Spirit Skies Team - 2019, BioMuseo
Top Row, Left To Right:
Zachary Brown (ECH Advisor), Ella Sobhani (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), Ashley Jabro (ECH Spirit Skies Lead), Amanda Tanaka (ECH Foldscope Lead), Dominique D'Lima (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), Maia Modjahedpour (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), Riley Sullivan (EVA Spirit Skies Lead), Jessica Li (EVA Spirit Skies Lead), Alex Reinsch-Goldstein (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), John Aste (ECH Spirit Skies Lead), Samantha Chai (ECH Spirit Skies Editor)
Bottom Row, Left To Right:
Natalia Zorrilla (ECH Spirit Skies Lead), Saanvi Nagaram (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), Natalie Feldman (ECH Spirit Skies Lead), Sammie Rana (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), Hannah Wentworth (ECH Spirit Skies Lead), Frances Chai (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), Izzy Ster (ECH Spirit Skies Editor), Alyssa Cho (ECH Spirit Skies Lead), Katie Sheng (EVA Spirit Skies Lead).
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