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Allens Hummingbird



Scientific Name: Selasphorus sasin


Habitat: Mostly in coastal areas, often chaparral and riparian woodlands and below 1000 ft in elevation.


Food: Mostly nectar and insects. The nectar usually comes from flowers and they feed on tiny insects crawling around the flowers blossom which provides them with the necessary protein.


Migratory Path: One subspecies on California's Channel Islands and parts of the adjacent mainland (Palos Verdes Peninsula, etc.) is nonmigratory. The rest of the population winters as far south as southern Mexico. Moves north up the Pacific Coast in late winter, and at least some go south through the mountains in late summer.


Behavior: Hovers over flowers and extend their tongue deep into the flower, at feeders they either hover or perch. To catch insects, they fly out and catch them in mid air.


Conservation Status: Population is declining, however adapts well to suburban areas. The species is listed on the 2014 State of the Birds Watch List


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