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The main character of Spirit Skies, Jasper is a Kumeyaay Indian who was chosen by Mother Nature as the one to save both his friends (who have since been turned into cacti) and Mother Nature herself. Transformed into a rufous hummingbird, Jasper embarks on an epic quest down and up the Pacific Flyway. In an attempt to reunite the broken pieces of the magical talisman responsible for his metamorphosis, Jasper learns an invaluable and powerful lesson about the importance of environmental stewardship.


Windy is a messenger sent by Mother Nature to guide Jasper through his journey. She is mysterious, but kind, and very wise. Windy offers Jasper support as he learns to navigate the skies. Her words of wisdom lead the quest to save Jasper's friends and, as the story progresses, Mother Nature herself.


Mai is a coyote with a penchant for wearing human glasses. She agrees to help Jasper in his quest, and seems to have journeyed far and wide herself. Mai is smart and sophisticated, with a clever mind that could either save Jasper, or get them both into trouble. However, Mai seems to be hiding a secret, one that could spell Jasper's doom or propel him to the end of his quest. 

Rigby Lil’ Tecza Boy III


A racoon who has taken up residence next to a camping trash can, Rigby is extremely adept at acquiring "contraband", although he is extremely wary to part with any bit of his large and extensive stash. However, Rigby has a crucial object Mai and Jasper need to continue their quest...




Marked by his mischievous nature and impulsive decisions, John often thinks about the fun of his actions before their consequences - which may serve to be the downfall of both him, and those that he loves - Jasper, Susie, his family, and others throughout San Diego


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