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Spirit Skies and the Sister Cities Association

Spirit Skies isn't just a graphic novel project - it's a culmination of a partnership between two cities and two schools, infused into a revolutionary new type of collaboration never seen before on this scale. Timothy Stiven, one of the advisors to the Spirit Skies team and head of the San Diego International Sister Cities Association, in combination with the leading members of the project, have created a wide-reaching, international graphic novel with the potential to create lasting, real-world change in both the eyes of its readers, and fellow graphic novelists everywhere:

Volume 2 is currently being written and illustrated independently in Panama, under the mentorship of our team - an entirely Panamanian storyline and illustrations are projected for Volume 2 when it is published.

Volume 1 has been since completed and is currently pending publishing agreements.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the completed volume!

After Volume II, the series will continue, with books written by students all along the Pacific Flyway.

For the final volume, the story will return to San Diego!

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